About Renful


Renful Systems is a UK based company that aims to bridge the gap between technology and the human factor by delivering high quality and customisable security training products, services and consultancy.

The Renful brand was developed by Moshe Cohen following increasing demands for practical and effective solutions for security staff training at all levels.

Development of X-Ray Screeners

With the realisation that the human factor is the weakest link in the security chain and the easiest one to exploit, came the demand for practical and effective solutions for staff training at all levels.

Renful has addressed this challenge by creating the most comprehensive suite of products and services designed to improve the selection, training, evaluation and monitoring of x-ray screeners.

Renful now provide realistic simulations of x-ray machines, pre-employment selection tests, computer based multimedia training, simulant explosives, screening efficiency monitoring systems and university accredited security courses.

Detection of Inadmissible Passengers / Fraudulent Documents

With the numbers of international travellers arriving at their destinations with inadequate or fraudulent documentation increasing, Renful identified the need to increase the proficiency of airline / immigration staff in verifying passports, and help them to identify inadmissible passengers.

Renful now provide seminars that teach current international trends, passenger screening and interview techniques and the use of advanced document verification equipment.

Passenger Profiling

In order to improve the passenger screening process at applications such as Airports, Customs and Government Buildings, Renful deliver Passenger Profiling seminars where participants will learn the behavioural analysis and questioning techniques required to identify suspicious signs in passengers.

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