By becoming an SSTC you will be able to provide a whole range of security training and certification services to your clients.

With access to high quality products and services that have been developed and refined by Renful, SSTCs are able to improve the services they provide to their clients and expand their business activities into new areas.


Your own exclusive territory

Low Start Up Costs

Simfox – Security X-Ray Simulator is provided at a reduced license fee rather than full price and SSTCs are only required to pay a small commission for the sale of the training they provide using it.

Expand into new Sectors

The Simfox system provided to SSTCs includes unlimited use of applications including:

  • Airports / Airlines
  • Cargo / Mail
  • Prisons / Secure Hospitals
  • Government Buildings
  • Customs Authorities
  • High Security Establishments

With this option, SSTCs are able to provide services to customers in sectors of the security industry that they were previously unable to due to lack of resources.

Provide Training for all major X-Ray Machine Manufacturers

SSTCs also have full machine compatibility on Simfox enabling them to provide x-ray simulation training for Single and Dual View Smiths-Heimann, Rapiscan, L3 & Gilardoni machine users.

A well known brand from day 1

The Simfox brand is known across the UK but it’s still your business – your logo will appear alongside the SSTC logo on your Simfox system and in your promotional material.

A growing franchise model

We now have 5 franchises operating throughout the world with tried and testing systems already in place to support them.

Our technology at your fingertips

We have invested heavily in our security training products making them the most advanced currently available on the market.

Discounted Prices on other Renful products

SSTCs are given discounted prices on all Renful products. They are allowed to use these products as part of the training they provide their clients or sell them on to their own customers at Renful’s specified asking price.

Discounted Prices for Seminar Participation

Renful also provide discounts to SSTCs for attendance to seminars that are carried out throughout the world each year.