Pre-M Selection Testing software has been developed to aid the selection of suitable candidates for the position of X-ray operator.

Pre-M delivers 8 tests that assesses candidates on the most important capabilities needed to become successful x-ray screeners:

  • Spatial Perception Test
  • Colour Identification Test
  • Basic Image Interpretation Test
  • Threat Object Recognition
  • Object Recognition-Superimposition
  • Sustained Attention Test
  • Mental Rotation Test
  • Visual Closure Test

How it Works

Pre-M is easy to implement as part of the services SSTCs offer their clients. The testing system is available online or as a standalone program installed on the SSTCs computers.

Each year SSTCs must purchase a minimum number of tests. However, as these tests are available at a discounted price, SSTCs are able to maximise their profit margin as they sell the product.


  • The demand for pre-employment tests is likely to increase in the coming years as more and more governing bodies set up laws requiring all x-ray screeners be tested properly before they are hired.
  • Pre-M requires no training and can be used immediately as each test is explained clearly via a tutorial.
  • As Pre-M delivers reports automatically at the end of each test, there is minimal time spent administrating the system.

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