Simulant Training Kits

By becoming an SSTC, you will have access to Training Kits that contain a range of simulant explosive substances, IEDs, IED components and drugs.

The Training Kits provide a perfect tool for security trainers as they contain learning materials that can be used as part of the training and come in protective metal briefcases for easy transportation and storage.

Simulant Training Kits provide the benefit of being both visually and CT correct. This means that when any of the items within these Kits are placed into an x-ray or CT machine, they will produce the same image as the threat they are replicating.

  • Explosives Identification
  • Anti-Handling Booby Traps
  • Postal Devices
  • Drug Identification
  • Car Bombs
  • Modular Bombs
  • Extended Explosives Identification and X-ray
  • Concealed IEDs
  • Liquid Explosives
  • Improvised Explosives
  • Plastic Explosives
  • Threat Essentials

How it Works

Simulant Training Kits are avilable to SSTCs at a discounted price and can be used as part of the training they provide to their clients or sold on for profit.


  • Simulant Training Kits are becoming more and more popular as high security establishments realise the need for their security personnel to be trained properly on how explosives look under x-ray and how they can be concealed.
  • Clients use Simulant Training Kits for Red Team or Covert Testing. This  involves testing the detection skills of x-ray screeners by placing a simulant explosive or IED within a bag and attempting to get through a security checkpoint undetected.

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