The Simfox X-Ray Simulator offers a number of features designed to enable x-ray trainers to provide the most realistic x-ray simulation training possible and thus improve the x-ray detection skills of their x-ray screeners.

  • Machine Specific X-Ray Simulators for Single and Dual  View Heimann, Rapiscan, Gilardoni and L3
  • Airport HBS, CBS, Cargo and Large Container Simulators
  • Easy to use Interface including customisable report system
  • Create customised bags for training and testing
  • EC 185/2010  Compliant

How it Works

We install Simfox onto a Virtual Server packed with items and bag images that can be used to provide high quality x-ray training and testing to your clients.

The image database contains items, bags and containers that can be used for all types of applications including Hold Luggage, Hand Luggage, Cargo Palettes, Mail Bags, etc…

Each of your client’s screeners are added to the system and given a unique ID that they will need to access Simfox Net and can then be assigned any of the sessions available on the system.

Your client’s screeners will have 24/7 access to the Simfox simulator where they take the sessions you have assigned to them.

In 3 clicks of the mouse, you can export formatted excel reports for each of your client’s screeners. All you have to do is send them to your clients.


  • The last few years has seen a high increase in demand for online security x-ray simulation training as governing bodies implement more stringent regulations on the training of x-ray screeners.
  • All our current SSTCs have seen huge increases in the demand for online security x-ray training in the last few years.
  • Simfox enables you to provide training to many different applications including Airports, Cargo, Customs, Prisons, Seaports, Army, Police and more.


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